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Who is HelpyFX ?

HelpyFX is a team of 7 professionals with +10 years of experience in the financial market.

Our goal is to give full help to Beginners or Confirmed Forex traders to trade successfully and safely in the market.

Our team of expert analysts analyses the whole market 24/7 and are here to ensure quality and safe trades.

Whick broker can I use ?

We strongly recommend IronFX Broker accounts !

Why if you are this profitable, you give your signals to people instead of keeping it for you ?

This question have non-sense but it’s asked so much times, so we would like to answer to it in our FAQ.

Who says “no” to an income ? We make money, we wan’t people to make money with us, that’s simple.

Your account matters for us and our main goal is to help you reach the financial freedom!

What are the differences between the VIP signals and free signals ?

HelpyFX Free signals

Free signals are published 1 to 2 times per day, if market conditions are good enough to give it to you.

These signals can be found by any Forex trader but we still want to share them with you for free so you can enjoy free quality forex signals with millimeter-adjusted take profits and stop losses.

We also give no analysis of our trades for free users or for the free group, we share it only with HelpyFX Trading Center members.

HelpyFX Paid VIP group signals

Paid signals are published 2 to 7 times per day, it depends if the market is volatile or not, on the global news … These signals often hits TP2 and TP3. Mostly, only confirmed Forex Traders Analysts can found these quality forex signals. Our team show trades screenshots, analysis and results of analysis.

That’s why traders easily can realize the market and ensure about the authenticity of our analysis and enjoy constant and safe profit on markets.

What can I get from your VIP signals ?
  • 2-7 daily signals
  • +85% signal accuracy
  • +1000 pips average per week
  • Currency, Forex and Indices signals
  • Scalping, Intraday and Swing Trades
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Livestreams
  • Private Room of Traders
  • 24/7/365 support
What is the averages pips won per month with your signals ?

With the HelpyFX Free Forex Signals, you can expect to win 100 to 400 average pips per week.

With the HelpyFX Trading Center Signals (VIP Group), you can expect to win 400 to 2000 average pips per week.

How long times the signal will be valid ?

Depending on market movement condition, each signal may be valid till 1 hour to 7 days, rarely more than that.

Where can I get the access to the HelpyFX Trading Center (VIP Group) ?

You can message xK_75 on Telegram to pay the access. The group is on Telegram, but soon the signals will be also available on Snapchat and our website.

When HelpyFX free forex signals or HelpyFX paid forex signals are published ?

We give Free and VIP signals on these three market sessions:

1. Asia session

2. London session

3. US session

How can I know if you have quality forex signals ?

You can check the results posted on our Free Forex Signals group HelpyFX on Telegram.

They always start by : HelpyFX Trading Center (VIP Telegram Group) Weekly Performance.

You can also try our free forex signals from our HelpyFX Forex Signals for Free group on Telegram. When you made enough profit with these quality forex signals then you can buy the access to the VIP group.

How the lifetime subscription works ?

If you pay the Lifetime access for the HelpyFX Trading Center (VIP Group) signals, you will get the accessfor 10 years.

During these 10 years, we will provide you our premium forex signals with our analysis and updates on each trades.

This is the best offer you can choose, because the price is really interesting and you don’t have to pay every month to still have the access to HelpyFX VIP signals.

The best choice !

Is profit guaranteed?

Our success rate is 85-90% average since years.

But forex market is most likely unstable and unpredictable always.

That’s why we never give anyone any profit guaranteed.

But by following our signals strictly and respect our lot size management everybody can make profit but nobody can give accurate guarantee.

We believe that if any signal provider give 100% guarantee about profit and pips they are definitely fake.

If you used our forex free signals before, you can be assured about our performance and authenticity.

Thank you for your trust and your choice.

With HelpyFX, you can enjoy stable and consistent profits!

What payment methods are available to pay?

At HelpyFX, We offer to you these payment methods:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money
  • Cryptocurrencies (any crypto)
  • PayPal
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Western Union
  • PCS
How to follow HelpyFX signals and make money ?

If you follow these tips, you can be sure to trade securely and long-term while making a profit in forex market.

  1. Analysing the markets for years and trading yourself.
  2. Copying trades of HelpyFX expert traders and analysts who have been successful in the market.
  3. Use Expert advisors (Forex robots) for trading automatically

For beginners or confirmed traders, the 2nd way (yes, HelpyFX offer that) is the best way to earn instantly and persistently.

This is called following forex signals. To follow signals, you have to learn about a few things first.

Here’s the list:

  • What is Forex Market ?
  • What is a Pip ?
  • What is Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) ?
  • What is Breakeven ?
  • What are Instant Execution Order, Limit Order and Stop Order ?
  • What is a lot size/volume ?
  • Which trading platform to use ? (we recommend MT5)
  • How to open order, close order and modify an order ?
  • Which broker to use ? (we recommend IronFX)

After you have learned all of these above, you’re all set to get started and making money with HelpyFX Free Forex Signals or HelpyFX Premium Signals.

What is breakeven ? Why should I do it ?

SL = Stop Loss

TP = Take Profit

BE = Breakeven

Move SL to breakeven / Set breakeven / Move SL to Entry

Put TP2 and TP3 trades Stoplosses to breakeven and keep them opened until TP2 and TP3 !

TP1 Hit

When we say one of these phrases, change your Stop Loss on the opened orders with the signal we provided to you to the Entry Price (0 pips SL).

For example, If our entry price is 1.1254, select ‘Modify Order’ in MT5 and put your Stop loss 1.1254.

Advantage of doing this : Now even if the price hits our stop loss, we have NO LOSS. By doing this, you can protect your capital much better. We do this when our trade is in 35-50 pips profit.

Close Half / Close Half Lot

This means closing half of your order (taking half of the profit). You can not do this if your lot size is 0.01.

Advantages of doing this : When we’re in 25-50 pips profit, we do this. And let rest of the trade run. So that, we confirm some profit.

Can I get refunded after purchasing the Trading Center VIP Group access ?

In case our Trading Center don’t satisfy you, we can refund you the price of your subscription under 7 days.

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